9 Harsh Realities No One Told Me About Massive Weight Loss

9 Harsh Realities No One Told Me About Massive Weight Loss

Who would’ve known; I got published by Thought Catalog after all. Truth be told, I almost had a nervous breakdown after submitting my article. I was not sure if I would ever be comfortable being that open in the worldwideweb. Nonetheless, the comments I have received so far have been rather positive and heart warming. While my chances of getting laid in the future has diminished, my psyche has ever-so slightly remedied itself; especially after realising that my thoughts have resonated with quite a number of people.

I have also received a few Reader Mail soliciting weight loss advice. It leaves me in a rather rough predicament to burst their bubbles. The problem is that some of them expect a miracle solution from me. So, I guess they’re going to be disappointment to know that there is no simple solution. It’s a long arduous journey that requires unfaltering dedication and motivation. The only way to go about it is with the diet, exercise and calories tri-factor. Perhaps the only thing I can do is to augment those factors with some of my own tips and undertakings. It’s going to take some time, but I promise I’ll get to writing a follow-up article that could possibly help others overcome their weight loss struggles.


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