I’m Hatin’ It

Writing 101, Day Ten: Tell us about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

I’m going to take a page out of Mara‘s playbook for this one. I hate this damn prompt. Let me tell you why – I had a sinful affinity for food and I’m over it.

I struggled with weight issues my whole life. I know, I know, I only have my self-control to blame. But I did something about it. With a hell lot of willpower I am now physically healthy, but mentally disturbed. Food no longer conveys any semblance of happiness for me. The last time I binged on a pint of ice cream, I was an inch away from bawling my eyes out and banging my head repeatedly against the wall.

So, if you are one of those ‘live to eat’ people, you might want to stop reading this rant right now. Click here and you probably will enjoy a much better read. Otherwise, you have been warned. 

When I was a kid, I constantly bugged my mother to bring me to MacDonald’s. Alas, I was raised in the 90’s when that asshole Clown first took over the world. If I had to be specific, it probably was the happy meal that did it for me. Those opportunistic leeches – marketing to the susceptible innocents with those stupid little toys. Now that reminds me. I loved that place not just for the toys, but for the goddamn mini-playgrounds they built within the restaurant outlets themselves. I hope the chief Clown dies from a clogged coronary – I kid.

Fast forward 15 years, I was eating MacDonald’s almost daily. I went through a rough patch in my life somewhere in 2011, and moronically decided to be nocturnal. My meals were thus supplemented by that Clown since it stays open 24hours a day in this part of the world. Long story short, I added about 20kgs to my already inflated-self over a four-month period. Bravo; I probably deserved it.

On a better note, I haven’t had any of those nasty MacDonald’s crap anywhere near my mouth for the past two and half years. I have grown a natural aversion to that place, and I’m finally – truly – lovin’ it.


28 thoughts on “I’m Hatin’ It

  1. zentalfloss says:

    My favorite line – “Alas, I was raised in the 90′s when that asshole Clown first took over the world. ” Well, he probably took over the world, at least the U.S., a few years earlier, but I get what you mean. I’m lucky, I guess, that I grew up pre-Mickey D’s, but you know what – there’s always something! Glad your self control returned and that you are healthier physically. Now it may be time to come to terms with the mental?….


  2. My favorite line is … I am now physically healthy, but mentally disturbed.
    Great great great timing. I’ve struggled with weight all my life too but for me I think it was the fried potatoes with onions…oh, and pot roast and angel food cake and….well, almost anything. But then, I didn’t have a McDonald’s in Kansas farm country!!


  3. 90’s? Hell you missed the hamburglar, grimace, and the rest of the gang from the 70’s & 80’s! Lol that was back when McD’s still posted the number served on the sign out front but it was millions not billions. Another fun read by you. Thanks!


  4. OK, I missed the whole McDonald thing because of my location (there was obviously nothing American in the Soviet bloc when I was a kid), but you described your trauma so well that I can vividly imagine.

    I’m sorry to hear about that. I’m glad though that you’re healthy, at least physically, now.

    I hate this task even more than the previous one — obviously, it’s not the tasks, it’s me. I’m the most unsentimental woman ever living, so talking about my favourite meal for special occasion is not really my thing. I think I’ll write about my coffee.

    Thanks for another excellent post!


  5. G’day KR,
    I wish you had written that post about 30 years ago, when my Children were teenagers, I would have made them read it, instead of playing the bully and limiting the big red M to b’days only lol. wonderful read


  6. Put It Together 4 U says:

    Wow! Did you nail this assignment or what? 😀 I am applauding you loudly for not only your honesty, but also your victory over the clown! This was a fun read and relatable. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Angela


  7. Interesting thread. We’re all struggling with something though. I could say issues with food may be preferable to something else, but then it all depends on the person or the situation. People won’t believe this until their ready to, but it’s all mental, but not about “self” control. It’s about recognizing where true power is. Food, nor anything else can talk or think or tempt, has no brain! But one has to get there.

    Oprah had some guest on recently, they were saying that it comes around to our attitude toward things, the power we give it. I recall how I quit smoking ages ago, trying to slowly wean myself off then a bit at a time. Until I smoked the last one, didn’t realize it until the next day and then I had to make a decision about getting up, going out into the car to drive to a store to buy an entire pack to get one. Decided I was bigger than the cigarette. But, I was also meditating, a new thing, and I’d been building up my intention.

    I love food, but I can also take it or leave it.

    I think we have to take it easy on ourselves.


  8. The honesty displayed in your posts makes your blog very attractive. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you managed to turn your life around – kicking any type of habit is hard. Thank you for sharing your story with us!


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