15 Things I Did To Lose 120lbs In Less Than A Year

Link to Article: 15 Things I Did To Lose 120lbs In Less Than A Year

As promised previously, I actually got around to curating some of the things I did to lose massive amounts of weight.

Before I start saying anything else, you should be warned that this article wasn’t written to inspire you to model after me. In fact, I wrote this article with the very aim of illustrating how crazy and outrageous some of the things I did actually are. So, if you do actually want to read the article, please don’t just read the words in bold. They just simply state what I did. The commentary after which, is the real indication of how healthy that action was.

Losing a massive amount of weight is not all rainbows and butterflies. You can’t compare our experiences if you just had to lose a little. If you want to lose close to half your body weight as quickly as possible, it’s going to be mental and physical shit-storm. You would be lucky to have survived the journey unscathed. If my first piece was any indication at all, I clearly don’t belong in that category. 

Even so, people actually did reach out to me to ask me how I did it. I wish I could batter it up with wonderful and sane things I did to lose weight. Alas, this is the honest reality of how I lost the excess weight so quickly. Yes, I know some of it is insane. I’m glad you realise this too – and would do just the opposite. Slow and steady for a much happier you. 

Before & After

Before & After

I’d like to reiterate that I may be physically healthy, but my psyche isn’t. Nevertheless, it’s getting better. Other than exercising, I pretty much do not do those things anymore.


9 thoughts on “15 Things I Did To Lose 120lbs In Less Than A Year

  1. I believe very few people lose weight the healthy way. You did excellent, and the methods you used are not *that* drastic — so if this was the first and only time you lost so much weight, it surely did more good than harm in the long run. Be proud of yourself. I would be!


  2. I think you’re crazy, honestly – but at the same time, I also think you’re very brave and I admire your courage to get it done. There aren’t that many people with the will to change their life so drastically as that. So, really, I applaud you.

    How do you feel nowadays? How long ago was this, and have you recovered?


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