When all is abruptly forgiven

Writing 101, Day Twelve: Write a post inspired by something you’ve overheard.


I hear my sister’s voice permeate the entire flat. She is having one of those bad days again, and he’s probably paying the price for it. I get off my bed and open the room door to see what all that commotion is about. My sister looks defeated. “Sometimes, I really have no energy to deal with you. My life was so much easier before you came into it,” she says to him solemnly.

He doesn’t say a word in response. His eyes speak for him. He looks positively broken, tilting his head slightly towards the ground. My heart wrenches. I know I should probably be on my sister’s side, but his handsome face just has that effect on most people. He draws people to himself and buy them over with his beautiful and expressive eyes. Just like that, his debauchery gets forgotten. 


He is the man of the house; or that’s what he thinks. He can be self-centred at times, but mostly spoilt. If you do not give him the attention he seeks, he will ignore you and find it somewhere else. Let’s not even mention his passive-aggressive jealousy towards his brother. If your attention is being divided, to include his brother, he will casually walk away from you without a moment’s notice. He snaps at you when you point fingers at him, or ask him to leave when he is not invited. He’s also a really picky eater. If you prepare the wrong type of food for him, you’re going to have to feed him by hand. He will refuse at first; but will reluctantly put it in his mouth if you coddle him. How damn demanding?


He lifts his paw and rests it on my sister. She exhales an audible sigh and carries him onto her lap. He wags his tail in response.

This feels like deja vu.


11 thoughts on “When all is abruptly forgiven

  1. Redg Camarse says:

    This is really good and the ending was totally unexpected! It was refreshing to read something so light and humorous. 🙂


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