Screwtape, is that you?

Writing 101, Day Fourteen: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word to write a letter around it.

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June 20, 2014

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you because I am honestly getting sick and tired of these stupid games we play. Can we stop fighting already for Chrissake? Relax, please. I can feel you floundering in confusion. Let’s make this really clear though – I’m not Chbosky; nor am I a wallflower. This is most definitely not a random letter to some figment of an unhinged 15-year-old’s mind. I am real; very real. I’ve been watching you for the past 20 odd years, and it’s about time we have this talk.

I have to admit it though, you amuse me like no other. I have witnessed so many different versions of you, even I almost fell for your ruse at times. 

I have seen you walking with your nose held high, with little consideration for your surroundings. What was with that? Your arrogance was almost palpable. You caught the attention of some people – eliciting either admiration or contempt. You never fooled me though. It was all a facade – a mask for your actual feelings. Your presence might have been considerable, but your shadow was defeated. If you had just looked at the ground beneath you; you might have spotted me right there with you, sitting on your shadow’s hunched shoulders.

I have heard you speak with great eloquence and charisma. You easily convince others of the bullshit that escapes your mouth. Idiots. If only they saw it as what it was – bullshit. I am curious though, how do you do it? How do you reconcile what you say with what is actually hovering in your mind? It’s almost as though you have a natural filter between your mind and your mouth. I honestly wonder how you aren’t overwhelmed by your own lies, or the lies by omission. It doesn’t cease to amaze me that you have yet to slip up. I’m waiting for that day though. It’s nearing, and I can feel it in my bones.

Let’s get to the crux of this letter, shall we? I don’t know who you think you are fooling, but I know exactly what you’ve been trying to do. Do you honestly think that you are any match for me? You think I am that easy to dispel? Think again child, because I am here and I am coming for you. You can run, but unlike me, you can’t hide.

Shall I let you in on a secret? You have actually seen me. In fact, you were looking me right in the eye the other day – in front of that damn mirror. You thought you were gazing at your reflection. Oh boy, how wrong were you! Trust me, it was me you were scrutinising.

With much love,


26 thoughts on “Screwtape, is that you?

  1. Very well done. I was trying to guess who would be writing the letter all the way through, but I was pleasantly surprised at the end as everything tied together. 🙂 Mine’s a bit more silly than yours today, I’m afraid!


  2. Ah, love the ending. It’s Friday night and I’m exhausted from a full workweek, so would you mind enlightening me as to the allusions you make near the beginning? Screwtape, Chboskyskything, imagination. ..I have theories, but they’re just swirling around making a mess of my brain at this point 😛


    • To be honest, I didn’t really intend for there to be any subtext to the Chbosky reference. When I first read the prompt, all I could think about was Chbosky’s Perks of Being a Wallflower. And I’m sure most of us have read the book, or at least watched the movie. The protagonist tells his story in the form of numerous letters to an undisclosed ‘Friend’, whom I believe to be just a figment of his imagination. (I also followed his format of the letter.)

      So, I guess when I wrote that in the beginning. I wanted to avert the reader from following this train of thought. I wanted the reader to feel as though this letter was legitimately written for them, so that they won’t take it too lightly.

      As for Screwtape (senior devil in C.S. Lewis’ novel), I referenced him mainly to avoid explicitly spelling out ‘Devil’. I wanted the letter to elicit this dark vibe, as though it could have been written by the devil himself. If you think about it, wouldn’t you associate your insecurities with the devil?

      I hope those references didn’t distract you too much though. And please do share your theories nonetheless! 🙂


  3. I really enjoyed your devilish letter. I would send a Dear John letter in response to Insecurities’ letter – he needs to get dumped! I’m glad you liked my post!


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