On Laughter and Body Image

I was not being very professional when I browsed through my Facebook newsfeed whilst in the office. This one picture had me stop my incessant scrolling.

My colleagues looked over from their cubicles, perplexed.

I was laughing. First, silently. And then my whole body shook. I succumbed to my laughter and openly roared in the office. Clearly, I am the epitome of professionalism. 

What was it that got me laughing so hard?


Credits to whomever

Why was it that I chose to make a complete fool out of myself?

Well come on, anyone with an ounce of humour would find this hilarious.
Even so, did it really warrant such a huge reaction?

Perhaps not for you; but for me, YES!

The guy on the right is my hero. I have never related to anything more than this (at this point of my life). I have written about my body image issues before. This man just trivialised the very notion of perfection and vanity; the need to be physically sculpted; the need to look like a model; the insecurities that come along with it. We need more of this in our lives. Acceptance – of ourselves and every other regular joe with a regular physique.

There I go again.
I took something hilarious and psychoanalysed it with my own bullshit.

I better stop sucking the fun out of funny.

written in response to dailypost's prompt on laughter.

8 thoughts on “On Laughter and Body Image

  1. You’re my hero for laughing out in the office 🙂 Yes, I love this kind of humour too — this guy not only makes fun of his body (which, by the way, looks perfectly normal to me) but also of the ridiculousness of catwalk fashion. I’ve seen something similar recently, a normal guy modelling underwear, assuming the same poses as the unrealistic models advertising the underwear.


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