Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump

After all that contemplation of the way I want to go about life, I have spent two days setting some exciting goals for myself. My ‘Bucket List’ is not exhaustive and I will be adding more as and whenever. Some of these goals seem like lofty ideals – but hey, you know what they say about ‘dreaming big’.

Bucket List: Go Bungee Jumping [√]

02 February 2014, Sunday
Auckland, New Zealand

I paid 150 NZD to jump off the Auckland Harbour Bridge from a height of 40 metres. What was I thinking?


“This is freaking exciting!”  I was excited as I walked across along the fixtures of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. I even got to enjoy a view of the Auckland Skyline along the way! 


About a hundred metres in, I had to clamber up a flight of steep steps to the launch pad. There, they hooked me up to the bungee gear and gave me a brief run through of the jump while I awaited my turn.

Auckland Launch Pad

I was still feeling chipper – right up to the launch point.

Launch Point

“Am I really going to do this?” I asked myself. I leaned forward to look beyond my toes. (Dramatic gulp) “I can’t back out now.”

take off

I thought I was going to die from the free fall. I thought I felt my heart constrict to the point of being crushed.
“Fuck; fuck; fuck; fuck; fuck; fuck; fuuuuccckkkkk. FUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!”
I screamed the whole way down, coupled with a scrunched up grimace for a face.

Once the bungee was fully extended and I was just bouncing around mid-air, I started laughing – like all out howling laughter. There I was — hanging by my legs, mid-air somewhere along the Auckland Harbour Bridge, laughing my ass off. I just plunged into the thick of life, accompanied by my two most contradictory reactions.


Achievement unlocked.
Bucket List item crossed off.
Higher jumps in the future, perhaps?  


9 thoughts on “Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump

  1. Ahhh, this is FANTASTIC. My only claim to fame is jumping out of an airplane, but I think bungee jumping would be WAY scarier (closer proximity to the ground and all). I tried to talk my friends into bungee jumping this summer, but they want to wait to jump somewhere exotic. Psssssh. Isn’t the thrill enough?

    We’re going white water rafting on Saturday instead.


    • I’m so envious. Skydiving and white wage rafting are on my list too! Some day soon, I hope.

      As for bungee, you might want to check out Macau Tower jump, it’s the World’s highest at 233m! But if your friends are in it solely for the exoticness of it, you guys should totally consider Cairn, Australia Bungy! I watched the promo video and it got me hooked!


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