Hand-Me-Down some goddamn Textbooks

I am sorry that I haven’t been able to update this place in a while. I’ve been really caught up with school, studying and just a speck of socialising. I came across today’s prompt to write about a meaningful hand-me-down in my life. I really don’t have much time to reminisce nor contemplate such a significant object. Instead I am going to write a short rant about a current grievance in my life.

Textbooks are staple to a student’s academia. Yet, they costs too damn much! A brand new textbook could range anywhere between fifty to over a hundred dollars. Do you know how many modules I take each semester? FIVE. And the most infuriating part is that they are only ever relevant to that one specific module – that doesn’t even last you a goddamn year!

So, to answer the question; “Would you please hand me down some goddamn textbooks?” Trust me, they are so very meaningful to me and I will love you for it.


8 thoughts on “Hand-Me-Down some goddamn Textbooks

  1. I have taken to using three methods to choose which responses to prompts I read first. First of all, I go to the end of the list, realizing that those who post last usually do so because they’ve taken more time to write instead of just dashing off any old response just to be first in line and thereby draw more readers. Secondly, I look at the names of the bloggers. There are certain ones who always devote a high degree of thought and time to composing their answers. The third thing I look at is the title. So many people just mimic the title of the prompt without any thought as to the originality of their titles. Yours won me over at once! It showed both the fact that you have chosen an original topic as well as your viewpoint (frustration) towards the topic. Wish I lived close enough to buy you a schoolbook! Judy


  2. I feel your pain.
    I’m so glad for the Text-book hire scheme our school had. If the books did last more than a year, than the book you hired for the year was already full of someone else’s doodles and notes. If it was new for the year you got yourself a brand spanking new text book for the year with crisp and clean pages. There was a fee involved, I think about $50 per term per student (about $200 for the year – installments payable at the start of each term) and you got all the text books for your classes. Only thing was you had to hand the text books back at the end of the year and the fee was non-refundable.


  3. You should set up a website like ebay where you can trade or buy at knock down prices. Pay yourself a commission, of course. When you have made your millions from textbook.com, send me a bottle of bubbly and enjoy reading all the books your heart desires.


    • Hahahaha. That would’ve been a great idea if it were not already taken. Students use a certain school forum to sell off their textbooks at the end of the semester. That’s where I get most of my books. I’m still hoping santa would hand me down a bunch of books at no costs, though! 😉


  4. Sorry to hear about your plight. In my experience in poly, recommended text are always good to have but never compulsory to buy (perhaps because I’m a science student). But if you really need them, you could get slightly cheaper secondhand textbooks from Bras Basah, or borrow them from the libraries in NUS. But make sure to act fast before they are all snapped up!

    Hope this helps!


    • Hi Siqi! Yeah I usually don’t buy recommended texts. But that’s not for all modules though. This sem, only 1 module recommended texts, the others sort of made them mandatory. And by mandatory, I mean they assign readings from the textbook.

      I usually buy my texts on Carousell, secondhand textbooks from students who’ve already done the module. And forget about the NUS library. Textbooks will forever be on hold. haha


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