My ‘Arts Education’ is ruining me

“You can just tell when someone is from the Arts faculty,” a science student commented.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t know. errrrr. I guess you guys are just very opinionated and think very differently?”


Contemporary Singapore society, albeit gradual shifts in perspective, still value a Science/Math education over the Arts– entrenched by State emphasis on the sciences early on its in education reform. This could perhaps account for the number of perplexed faces I’ve witnessed as a result of my telling them that I’m pursuing a degree in arts. “Oh cool. So you can draw very well?” they would respond. Sure… let’s just go with that.  

But for those who actually do realise that I am generally referring to the Humanities and Social Sciences, usually respond with a curious amalgam of incredulity and scepticism. They can’t seem to rationalise the purpose of an Arts education vis-à-vis an actual career trajectory. Follow up questions, along the lines of “What are you planning to do after that?” usually ensue. The general implied consensus is that my degree is of little value– and by extension; my intellect.

Ironically, the Arts faculty is by far the largest in NUS, with an intake of around 1200 undergrads per year. Critics reconcile this paradox by subscribing to the perception that the faculty is a ‘dumping-ground’ for those who could not secure places in science-related faculties (subsuming a considerable population of undergrads, like me, who willingly chose the Arts). Alas, this perpetuates the notion that the Arts kids are just not ‘smart’ enough.

Now that I have established the context within which my education is being perceived by others –although I admit that these are my sole interpretation of general sentiments and are, thus, open to my bias/overstatements– I shall present a non-exhaustive list of reasons as to why my education is ‘ruining’ me.  Continue reading


Woes of The Chivalrous Fighter

Jab. Cross. Uppercut. 

Shit! You got her in the boobs. Again.

“I’m sorry.”


Should I give her a push kick? Will she be able to take it?

Perhaps, I’ll just touch her lightly.

Push Kick.

Yikes, that was close! Almost got her in the nether region.

Seriously though, can I be done now?


I have been practising Muay Thai (Martial Arts) for close to 3 years now. Inevitably, I’ve had to spar with fighters of the opposite sex – the ladies (in case you were wondering). Whilst I’d like to think of myself as a chivalrous person, I have to confess that I unreservedly dread sparring with women.

I am probably exuding the misogynist vibe right about now. I’ll sort out this misconception in a bit, but first allow me to describe the 3 types of ladies I’ve (generally) met in the ring.  Continue reading

The NLB Saga and Censorship

Over the past week, the Singapore National Library Board (NLB) opened itself to public discourse over its decision to pulp three homosexuality-themed books.

  1. And Tango Makes Three – features a pair of male penguins who raise a chick together (based on a true story, fyi)
  2. The White Swan Express – features lesbian adoptive parents
  3. Who’s In My Family – features same-sex parents

These books were originally placed under the Children’s Section, as intended. After receiving a complaint over its propriety, the board reviewed these titles and decided to pulp them. Pulp as in ‘destroy’. Pulp as in ‘turn into marsh’.


15 Things I Did To Lose 120lbs In Less Than A Year

Link to Article: 15 Things I Did To Lose 120lbs In Less Than A Year

As promised previously, I actually got around to curating some of the things I did to lose massive amounts of weight.

Before I start saying anything else, you should be warned that this article wasn’t written to inspire you to model after me. In fact, I wrote this article with the very aim of illustrating how crazy and outrageous some of the things I did actually are. So, if you do actually want to read the article, please don’t just read the words in bold. They just simply state what I did. The commentary after which, is the real indication of how healthy that action was.

Losing a massive amount of weight is not all rainbows and butterflies. You can’t compare our experiences if you just had to lose a little. If you want to lose close to half your body weight as quickly as possible, it’s going to be mental and physical shit-storm. You would be lucky to have survived the journey unscathed. If my first piece was any indication at all, I clearly don’t belong in that category.  Continue reading


9 Harsh Realities No One Told Me About Massive Weight Loss

9 Harsh Realities No One Told Me About Massive Weight Loss

Who would’ve known; I got published by Thought Catalog after all. Truth be told, I almost had a nervous breakdown after submitting my article. I was not sure if I would ever be comfortable being that open in the worldwideweb. Nonetheless, the comments I have received so far have been rather positive and heart warming. While my chances of getting laid in the future has diminished, my psyche has ever-so slightly remedied itself; especially after realising that my thoughts have resonated with quite a number of people.

I have also received a few Reader Mail soliciting weight loss advice. It leaves me in a rather rough predicament to burst their bubbles. The problem is that some of them expect a miracle solution from me. So, I guess they’re going to be disappointment to know that there is no simple solution. It’s a long arduous journey that requires unfaltering dedication and motivation. The only way to go about it is with the diet, exercise and calories tri-factor. Perhaps the only thing I can do is to augment those factors with some of my own tips and undertakings. It’s going to take some time, but I promise I’ll get to writing a follow-up article that could possibly help others overcome their weight loss struggles.