My Week, Down Under (Melbourne)

Sydney, New South Wales | Melbourne, Victoria

5th August 2014, Tuesday


We landed in Melbourne (Tullamarine) around 7pm in the evening. My cousin, who has been living in Oz since 2002, picked us up from the airport. From there, he drove us back to his apartment in the Caulfield suburb. And since pretty much everything – less the bars and certain restaurants – closes early in Australia, we couldn’t do much! We just had dinner at a nice restaurant before returning back to his place.

I should also mention that this was our first time visiting our cousin in Australia. I have heard stories about this puppy he bought – a labrador retriever.


He was an old man (of 10 years) by the time I got around to actually meet him. Oh, how time flies! Continue reading


Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump

After all that contemplation of the way I want to go about life, I have spent two days setting some exciting goals for myself. My ‘Bucket List’ is not exhaustive and I will be adding more as and whenever. Some of these goals seem like lofty ideals – but hey, you know what they say about ‘dreaming big’.

Bucket List: Go Bungee Jumping [√]

02 February 2014, Sunday
Auckland, New Zealand

I paid 150 NZD to jump off the Auckland Harbour Bridge from a height of 40 metres. What was I thinking?


“This is freaking exciting!”  I was excited as I walked across along the fixtures of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. I even got to enjoy a view of the Auckland Skyline along the way!  Continue reading