Postcards from Sri Lanka

I will be heading to Sri Lanka for three weeks this mid-december.

Since the start of the school semester, I have joined the Maalu Maalu Lanka 2014 team (comprising of 20 NUS undergrads). We will be going to the eastern province of Sri Lanka, Batticaloa, an area still recovering from the wrath of the Civil War and Tsunami. Our team will be going to 5 different village schools to help the 15 year olds with their English, IT and Financial Literacy proficiency as well as furnishing them with library amenities. English will be one of the subjects that they will be sitting for during their ‘O’ Level examinations (determinant for further education and employment prospect). Unfortunately the kids from these villages are only proficient in the Tamil language. Hence, many of them under perform in English, and their education halts as a result.

MML FR PosterI am excited to embark on this service learning journey. However, we are still lacking a substantial amount of funds to effectively carry out the project despite fundraising efforts in and outside of school. So I am appealing to you for support. You can support us by a means of small contribution to our indiegogo campaign:
or simply by sharing and spreading the word around.

As a token of appreciation for your contribution, you will be entitled to our very own MML Postcard from Sri Lanka. We will be getting the students to write notes of thanks on the postcard and mailing them out to your address from Sri Lanka. It might not be much, but even the smallest contribution can go a long way in helping the underprivileged.

Do ‘like’ us on Facebook for updates on the project if you do consider to support us. Thank you!

Now I shall return to my self-designated hell as I prepare for my Finals which start in a few days time. Blog updates shall reconvene after my final paper on the 4th December. It has been 3 years since I sat for any formal examinations. May the odds be in my favour! :O